Heather Fisher Professional Drug & Alcohol Interventionist

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is any rewarding behavior, that regardless of negative results, continues.

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a wide range of conditions that effect mood, thinking and behavior.

Substance Addiction

Drug addiction also called substance use disorder is a disease characterized by the abuse or dependence of 1 or more substances including but not limited to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and prescription medications. The disease affects an individual's brain and behavior ultimately leading to an inability to control usage resulting in damage to the person's health, relationships and daily functioning.

Addictive Behaviors

Addictive Behaviors are actions and behaviors that an individual feels compelled to repeat, even though they have a negative impact on their physical/mental health, relationships, and functionality. Addictive Behaviors may start out as making an individual feel good or bring short lapses of heightened emotion but ultimately lead to destruction. Types of addictive behaviors include but are not limited to: sex, gambling, food, work, and video games.

Mental Illness

Mental illnesses, or mental health disorders; are health conditions involving changes in thinking, behavior, mood, and emotion (or a combination of all 3.) When left untreated mental illness can cause extreme distress and discord in trying to function in work, social and daily activities. Mental illness is common, currently affecting 1 in 6 adults in the U.S.

What are The Negative Results?

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Heather has been the missing glue that has enabled our family to heal from the disease of alcoholism. We love Heather! She has been a steady and positive influence in our family’s recovery.
- Michelle B.
Since my intervention with Heather I’m 3 years free from addiction. I got my life back, my wife back and the children got their father back. Through it all, Heather has been there. She’s the best!
- Evan G.
I love Heather! She is the real deal. My wife is back on track and we are all doing better than ever.
- David C.
Heather saved my daughter and saved my family. Her intervention really works! I only wish we would have called her sooner.
- Whitney M.
It is hard to put into words everything that Heather has done for me and how much I appreciate her for helping me turn my life around. I can't even think I would be without her intervention.
- Rob L.